Under Armour Men’s HOVR Machina Running Shoes



Under Armour HOVR Machina Running Shoes Designed for runners who need a balance between flexibility and cushioning, the new Under Armour HOVR Machina takes all your energy and gives it straight back to you. Engineered Mesh Upper The engineered mesh upper will allow you to keep going for hour after hour in maximised comfort. Air can constantly flow in and out of the mesh, which will remove all of the warm air produced from exercise, replacing it with cooler air from outside, providing a cycle of ventilation. Once your foot begins to sweat, the mesh will allow the moisture to escape out of the shoe. Once wicked away, the material will dry off quickly, returning the shoe to its original weight and feel. Thicker material covers the forefoot, which will absorb shocks instantly, preventing them from reaching and damaging the toes. For rearfoot protection and durability, there is an external heel counter. This will provide additional support, keeping your foot in a firm and upright position, and it will keep the rearfoot locked in place. To improve your visibility during night time running, the shoe has reflective detailing, making you easy to spot. The laces are elasticated and are easy to tighten and loosen all the way up the foot for a secure fit. A soft padded tongue will make the fitting feel extremely comfortable. HOVR Technology Midsole Designed to give you a ‘zero-gravity feel’ over the course of a long or short run, the HOVR technology midsole will work to eliminate the feel of impact on every step that you take. At the bottom of the midsole, the EVA will absorb shocks instantly and effectively. Once shocks are absorbed, the midsole will return the energy, as the midsole has a compression-mesh Energy Web. A sprint spike-inspired Pebax speed plate has been integrated into the midsole for increased return and more powerful push-offs ensuring that you get as much our of these shoes, as you put in. A key feature on the Machina is the addition of a Pebax

Synthetic sole
Breathable – Air can constantly flow in and out of the shoe for ventilation.
Sweat Wicking – Sweat is removed from the shoe and dried off efficiently and effectively.
Neutral – For runners who need a balance of flexibility and cushioning.
Toe Protection – Thick material covers the forefoot for protection.
External Heel Counter – Holds the heel in a firm upright position, preventing it from slipping in the shoe.


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