Xero Shoes Z-Trail – Men’s Lightweight Hiking and Running Sandal – Barefoot-Inspired Minimalist Trail Sport Sandals



Product Description

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What can you do in your Z-Trail sandals? Practically anything!

Enjoy a run, on trails or roads, with just the right amount of protection, and lightweight flexibility that’ll make you feel like you’re practically barefoot.
Yoga class? Well, the grippy soles make the Z-Trail like having a yoga mat on your feet all the time. Do your own class anywhere you are!
Head downstream… whether you’re in a canoe, a kayak, or a raft, the Z-Trail holds comfortably on your feet, and they float!
Take a walk — anywhere you like, from a mountain trail to an urban jungle. The comfort of the Z-Trail will surprise you.

More reasons you’ll love your Z-Trail sandals:

Super-comfortable tubular webbing — no hard edges.
Adjustable Z-pattern — get the right tension across your foot, over your foot, and behind your heel.
Three color combinations.
10mm (~3/8″) FeelLite outsole protects you from unpleasant surfaces while still providing great “ground-feel”.
Elegant contour surrounds your foot, but doesn’t add unnecessary support.
Super light weight — a Men’s size 9 sandal averages 5.4 ounces each.
“Zero-Drop” — your heel isn’t elevated; your feet are anatomically correct.
Rust-proof nylon hardware.
100% Vegan-friendly.
Ready to wear — the lacing is already done for you. Just slide in your foot and go.
Heel cup — keeps your heel in place, helps keep out debris.

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“Comfort Comes From Using Your Body Naturally. Xero Shoes Let You Do That.”

Xero shoes circle

Xero shoes circle

feet are your foundation

feet are your foundation

Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Be Part Of The Xero Circle

When you buy Xero Shoes, you are joining a world wide community of active, creative, intelligent people who understand the fun and value in natural moment. People in 94 countries wear Xero Shoes for everything from a stroll on a beach, a hike on a trail, a workout in the gym, or even running a 256k ultra marathon. Join the Xero circle and live life feet first.

Feet Are Your Foundation

Feet are your foundation. One quarter of the bones and joints in your entire body are in your feet.

You have more nerve endings in your soles than anywhere but your fingertips and lips.

Your feet are meant to bend, to move, and to flex, Xero Shoes Let them do that.

As Seen On Shark Tank

Yes that was us on Shark Tank, back in the day when Xero Shoes only had a do it yourself sandal kit. Thanks to the Sharks’ advice and listening to our customers, Xero Shoes has now become an active lifestyle brand with casual and performance shoes and sandals for anything you want to do.

Perfect if you hike, walk, run, jog, work out, Crossfit, yoga, raft, stand up paddle board, kayak, canoe, fly fish, even run ultra-marathons.
At only 10mm thick, it’s great for travel. Flexible enough to roll up and fit in your pack or pocket. Durable enough for wherever the Z-Trail takes you.
Zero-drop non-elevated heel for natural posture. Non-marking sole. Water resistant. Fast-drying. Great grip and traction. Z-style webbing holds securely, yet slides on and off in seconds.
NOTE: For the best chance of a correct fit, please measure your foot: 1) Place a piece of paper on the floor, against a wall; 2) Step on the paper, your heel against the wall; 3) Mark the paper in line with your longest toe; 4) Measure that length with a ruler; 5) Compare that length to the sizing chart (link, above). To REALLY ensure a correct fit, get printable templates of the exact sizes by contacting the Seller.


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